Now that I have a few weddings under my belt, I feel I've earned my right to speak on them.  This is suppose to be one of your most memorable times in life yet for some it becomes the most stressful. Here at In-Joy Atlanta Catering we work hard at relieving you of that stress, allowing you to have a beautiful and memorable day.

Festivals and Galas


In-Joy Catering was launched in 2008 in Columbus, Ohio. Where I did well, catered to some of the finest fortune 500 companies and Executive's in the city. It was a dream come true. Here at In-Joy we pride ourselves in giving 5 star service no matter the size of the title of the one we serve; I endeavor to leave each event with my customers having an In-Joy experience. Now that I've moved to Atlanta I plan to exceed my begging years with a more excellent service and the quality of our food.   

Special Events

In-Joy Catering will be around for many years to come; Because to our customers, we're not just another service provider we become like a close friend, the ones you invite to all your life's celebrations and triumphs.  When choosing In-Joy to cater your events your choosing a company that will take care of your needs as if they were our own.   

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